Debbie Toennies

Title: Managing director, Office of Regulatory Affairs for JPMorgan Chase & Co., one of the oldest, largest and best-known financial institutions in the world. In the Office of Regulatory Affairs, Ms. Toennies heads regulatory affairs for JP Morgan’s Corporate and Investment Bank (CIB). She is responsible for assessing regulatory issues affecting the CIB and securitization businesses across the firm and setting the strategy for directing the company’s advocacy efforts concerning these issues.

Education: Miami University, B.S. in accounting; the University of Chicago, Masters of Business Administration in finance and strategy.

Previous Experience : Prior to joining JP Morgan Chase’s Office of Regulatory Affairs, Ms. Toennies served as Head of Conduit Management and Business Development for J.P. Morgan’s Securitized Products Group. She was an industry leader in launching advocacy initiatives with global regulators regarding securitization-related issues. She also was responsible for investor marketing, structuring J.P. Morgan’s contacts and ongoing relationship management for investors and rating agencies. Previous roles at JP Morgan have included head of regulatory affairs for JPMorgan Chase Commercial Bank and responsibility for the analysis, coordination and advocacy of capital, liquidity and securitization regular issues within the Office of Regulatory Affairs. Ms. Toennies also worked in corporate tax planning for the First Chicago bank and as an auditor at Arthur Andersen & Company prior to joining JP Morgan Chase in 1990.

Position with the Cameron Kravitt Foundation:   Director

Other Outside Activities: Co-chair of the International Securities Dealers Association’s FRTB (Fundamental Review of the Trading Book) Steering Committee, as well as its CVA (Credit Value Adjustment)  Steering Committee. Ms. Toennies also serves as an advisor to clients on changes in the regulatory landscape. In addition, she is on the board of directors of JP Morgan Capital Holdings.