Suzanne Salomon

Title: Owner, Salomon Associates, a community and economic development consulting firm; owner, 5 Church Street Apartments, LLC, moderate income rental apartment project.

Education: Wellesley College, B.A. in history; Princeton, M.P.A.-U.P., public affairs, urban planning.

Previous Experience: Vice president, U.S. Trust Company, providing investment, estate planning, and charitable giving strategies for high net worth clients and their personal foundations; principal, Whitney/Salomon Associates, developing and selling succession planning, executive benefits, investment and charitable giving programs to high net worth, closely held business, foundation and corporate clients; president, International Corporate Strategies, a development advisory firm offering marketing, strategic planning, and product development advice to clients such as Metropolitan Life, Citibank, Exxon, McGraw-Hill publishing and Children’s Television Network; vice president, Chase, corporate development department.

Position with the Cameron Kravitt Foundation: Director; member of the Benefit Committee

Other Outside Activities: Salomon is actively involved in addressing issues of service and social change. In that capacity,she has coordinated a $3 million upgrading of a federally subsidized residential facility for the elderly, serving as a liaison between the tenants, contractors, financing entities and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. She also has focused on alleviating poverty in developing countries, especially in Africa. This work has included her pivotal role in building wells in Mali, as well as working with a maternal and child care health organization in that nation. She also has worked with the International Women’s Health Coalition, in addition to focusing on public housing needs in East Harlem, New York and advising organizations and investors committed to Native Americans’ economic, social and cultural well-being. Salomon also is using her business skills and experience to foster women’s and girls’ empowerment, nutrition and health workforce development, along with  social impact investing.