Cameron’s Story

doctorImagine an expectant mother and father-to-be going to the hospital and losing their child.

Many years ago, Beverly and Jason Kravitt lost a child, Cameron, when Beverly went to the hospital to give birth.  It was a terrible time, as anyone can understand.  It was particularly difficult because the medical community then was extremely poorly equipped to deal with the situation and meet the needs of parents who went from eager anticipation of all life holds into an emotional abyss.

Out of that experience, Jason and Beverly decided to establish a foundation named after their dead son, the Cameron Kravitt Foundation, a charity dedicated to providing doctors and other health professionals the knowledge and training to meet the emotional needs of those whose physical needs they otherwise attend to with such high devotion. More…

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Our goal is to prevent families from experiencing the pain we experienced the day Cameron died, and to provide doctors with the information and tools to deliver the hardest words they’ll ever have to say- “your child has died.”

-Jason and Beverly Kravitt, co-founders of the Cameron Kravitt Foundation