Letter from Jason and Beverly Kravitt

March 15, 2016

Welcome to The Cameron Kravitt Foundation Website.

We lost our second child, Cameron, in childbirth many years ago. We had driven through the bitter cold and dark of a Chicago early morning winter day to a hospital in a nearby suburb in order to deliver our new baby. The health care professionals at the hospital were quite competent medically, but didn’t fully understand how to help us to handle the grief that overwhelmed us upon experiencing our child’s death. They had not been trained to do so.

Imagine how you would feel if you had lost a child in child birth? Having lost the most precious gift in life, we were treated as if nothing important had happened and left on our own. We were confused and hurt. Later on, after we had had time to think things through, we made a promise to ourselves that we would do all that we could to help other families (each of parents, children and their extended family) who have had such a devastating loss (a late term miscarriage, a still birth, or the death of a young child) to deal with their grief in as humane, caring and empathetic a manner as possible.

The Cameron Kravitt Foundation is dedicated to helping to prepare health care professionals, especially pediatric residents, to learn how to help families who have experienced such a loss to deal with their grief and to begin the long and painful healing process. We do so mainly by funding and helping to construct programs at some of the best teaching hospitals in the US and the world. In these programs, members of our Foundation and experienced doctors teach pediatric residents to learn to deal with such situations and be of as much emotional and practical help to the related families as is possible.

This Website will introduce you to The Cameron Kravitt Foundation and its resources. If you have experienced a similar loss, our hearts go out to you. You will find resources on this Website that should be of some help to you to begin the healing process. If you are looking to see how you can help, we welcome your help with open arms and you should be able to find a manner on this Website to do so. If you have questions, and they relate to the Foundation’s Mission, perhaps we can try to help you with those as well.

When one human being or a family loses a child, the grief is overwhelming and should not be borne by that person or family alone. We are here to share your grief and in some small way, we hope, to lessen its burden.

Jason and Beverly Kravitt